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A Pass-It-On Icon Challenge Community
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This is a continuous pass-it-on icon contest like nextpicture but without having to post a next picture or word to use.

The inspiration is the icon that was posted by the person before you. Do not copy the icon, let it inspire you. The inspiration can be the previous icon's style, subject, etc.

The connection doesn't have to be blatantly obvious. If it's a black & white icon that inspires you to make a very colorful icon, go for it. If it's an icon of Christian Bale which makes you think Batman-Superman-comics-reading and you end up making an icon of books, that's absolutely fine. In case of the train of thought not being obvious please include an explanation of the inspiration for your icon.

♦ Create a new icon inspired by the icon last posted to nexticon
♦ do not copy the icon, use it as inspiration
♦ in case of the inspiration not being obvious, include an explanation
♦ if someone else has already posted a new icon in the time you were working on yours, you can still post your icon but make sure to include which icon it was inspired by
♦ submit your entry, image and URL, to the community in a new post
♦ add your username tag (add the following tag 'tag: !!add username tag please' if you haven't got one yet)
♦ add the round tag so you icon is included in the voting. Important update: If you do not want your icon to be in the poll, please use the "no-poll entry" tag.
♦ You may enter as many times you want as long as there is at least one icon by someone else between your entries
♦ your icon should be: 40 Kb or less, 100x100 or less, .gif, .jpg or .png
> no animation
♦ voting will be posted once there are 25-30 entries or 25 or 30 days have passed since the last voting was posted, whichever one comes first. Voting will be posted once monthly at least.

May 31st 2014: A new challenge feature is here!
The 'Reboot-Round Repository' will allow members to use provided pictures to 'reboot' the round instead of always following the previous icon.
Please note there are specific rules you must follow, especially that you may use a 'reboot' only one time per round per person please read & follow the new rules in THIS ENTRY if you wish to use the Reboot-Round pictures.
The 'Reboot-Round Repository' will be posted with the start of a new round, you can find it through either the current round tag or the "repository" tag which will be added.

All other challenge rules are the same - each icon must follow the next in inspiration except in the special circumstance when someone 'reboots' the round.

This community was originally created and moderated by neke but as of November 29, 2012 it is moderated by luminousdaze.

As of March 2016 the moderator team also includes entwashian and stepinsidelove.

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