acolorfulguy (neke) wrote in nexticon,

Mod Post

At my journal I've got an Anonymous Feedback Post and FAQ for the icontests I run and I've just added the following:

Q: Why PNG?
A: For some time now due to my temporary internet connection, which is threatening to run into a semi-permanent solution, low quality JPG's and GIF's look horrid and when I save them they look the same so that's how they look on the banner I make you if your icon has placed.

In future I ask you to please use PNG unless you don't mind getting a banner with a horrid version of your icon.
(Because you can of course always replace the icon on the banner with the non-horrid version.)
Basically it's up to you, I'm not going to force you to use PNG. :)

My problem illustrated:

Last icon: Red & Green
Tags: tag: !!!mod post

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