New Challenge Feature Coming Soon

Introducing the "Reboot-Round Repository."
What is this you ask?
A small batch of images provided by the moderator to be used to make an icon when the challenge is stalled or if you choose to be used when a new round is begun to "reboot" the round.

When a participant picks a picture from the moderator-provided repository they will "reboot" the entire round because the icon made from the pictures can be something totally different from the previous icon & not necessarily "inspired" by that previous icon.

The Reboot-Round Repository can only be used in the following ways.
It cannot be used for every icon in a round.
The original community theme of a next-icon inspired pass-it-on challenge will still be the main focus.

If any of these rules are not followed regarding the provided pictures, the icon will be left out of the voting but there will be no penalty of points or any banning because it's not a "cheating" offense so don't worry if you make a mistake and use a picture from the repository at the incorrect time.
But please do try to follow the rules below for using the Reboot-Round Repository.

When to Use the "Reboot-Round" Repository

1. To make the very first icon made to open a new round after the moderator closes a round and starts a new round.

2. To make an icon if 3 days/72 hours have passed since the previous icon was posted and if that icon posted was not a "reboot" itself.

Please see this info graphic:



1. A person may use the Reboot-Round Repository only once per round.
All other icons (if any) made by that person for the round must be regular challenge icons that are "inspired" by the previous icon as the usual challenge is played.

2. No pictures from the provided pictures may be used more than one time. That would defeat the purpose of a reboot.
Be sure to check the previous icons tagged "reboot" to see if a picture has already been used.

The moderator will post 6 to 10 pictures in the reboot repository which allows for only that many reboots maximum per monthly round.

3. Any provided pictures may be blended with your own pictures but you must only take one single picture from the repository each time.

This tag will be added, please use them so we can keep track of the reboot icons.

tag:!!!reboot (Tag any icons that you make using the reboot pictures.)

When I post the voting (which I realize is late) I will put up the the Reboot-Round Repository entry which I'll update with new pictures each month/each new round.

If you have any questions, please comment to this entry.

if, say, my icon was the last regular icon posted and it's been three days, could I post an icon from the reboot repository and 'reboot' the round or would somebody else other than the person who made the last regular round icon have to do that?
Some one else would have to do that. The rules about waiting one person between each turn is the same.