July 13th, 2017

Round #105 - Results

Thank you for participating and/or voting in the challenge.

Please remember to credit the makers if using any of the challenge icons.
The first place icon will be the default community userpic until the next challenge.

If you would like me to make you an award banner please comment & request one.
Alternatively, you may request banners at cb_overflow.

Round 105: Winners
First Place
by magical_sid

Nexticon Hiatus

🐬 🐋 🐬
We need a break. nexticon will be back in August or September with one more (possibly final) challenge.

[All-topic & multi-fandom icontest recommendations below]

LJ icon challenges:


Dreamwidth icon challenges:

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[community profile] nexticon
(A twin community to this one - challenges follow the original rules - no reboot feature.)